Our Guides

Our Guides

At Dubrovnik Walking Tours we are extremely passionate about what we do. We are Desha, Maro & Dario, a small but committed team of three Dubrovnik-based professionals specialized in tailoring private tours for every particular interest, taste, and personality.

Our tours won’t just entertain you (they will), or make you laugh (they’ll do that too), or tell you weird fun anecdotes (we love those!). Still, they’ll also strive to give you a sound understanding of the city, in its many aspects: historical, social, political, cultural…

We work with passionate driven freelance guides. Individuals who show great ambition in the development of their tours. Individuals who are highly motivated and totally in love with their city. Individuals who never tire of learning more and more about the place they live in.

Eccentric, weird, obsessive, insightful individuals capable of tailoring their tours to your interests, who will not rest until their tours are excellent.


Dora-The Explorer

Dora-The Explorer is a big fan of the show, has worked as an extra and crew assistant and has lots of interesting insider information and photos, great for fans of GOT!

Review By - Megan

We had the best tour guide ever, her name is Dora! She was so friendly & sweet! Our tour was held the day before the finale aired & she told us the perfect spot to go watch it at! We got to see her again at the pub she suggested & loved hanging out with her! She knew exactly what to say and show us on the tour and her energy was so welcoming! Thank you Dora for making our trip that much more fun!

Ivana T.

Ivana T. is a young tour guide that works hard to introduce you to the best the city has to offer through a fun, informative tour. Smiley, funny and knowledgable. She is also enthusiastic and patient. A pleasure to listen to.

Review By - mat28

We did this tour on a Monday at noon. Had no trouble getting tickets and we were lucky to be in a small group. Our tour guide Ivana was amazing. She explained the history of the old city and the country of Croatia. We enjoyed the fun facts that she provided about folklore and customs. She answered all of our questions and even taught us some Croatian. I highly recommend this tour and Ivana!


Antonia is in love with travels, the world, cultures, food, and music that gives her great satisfaction. Passionate about her city and her humour is not to be missed.

Review By - Huiqing

Antonia was very earnest and knowledgeable about GOT, she is a true fan and her enthusiasm and appreciation for what the show has done for Dubrovnik’s tourism really shone through and was inspiring to me. She answered all my questions with depth and breadth that blew me away. Definitely book this tour and ask for Antonia if you can :). A wonderful person who made the tour an amazing experience, walking the walk of shame and more.


Zoran and his passion for both city and Game of Thrones are infectious.His tours are comprehensive, fascinating and cover all aspects of the city. The pride & enthusiasm he showes for his city is very moving.

Review By - Momina E

I am giving this tour 5 stars as we had a wonderful time learning about all of game of thrones filming and history of dubrovnik. Our guide was Zoran who was very friendly and helpful with all the questions we had to ask him. He knew what he was talking about and had a great personality to top it all off! Well done guys keep it up. I would 100% recommend this tour to anyone travelling to dubrovnik as its a mixture of the show and the original history of dubrovnik

Ivan Vuka

Ivan Vuka is a Traveler by soul, tour guide by passion, photographer by love, black belt owner in judo. Traveled to 120 countries around the globe. National Geographic co-host and local expert featured in various foreign media about movie, history and photo tours.

Review By - Maria Lyktberg

Had a wonderful, entertaining and most interesting couple of hours while taking the walking tour of Game of Thrones combined with the Dubrovnik city history. Our guide Ivan Vukovic Vuka was really professionell and also fun and entertaining! He show and told us about the shooting if GoT, but also mixed facts and fun things of Dubrovnik, Croatia, the culture etc... Highly recommend this tour and guide, it's a must-do if you are in Dubrovnik✔️.Hvala!


Katarina is passionate and lively when talking about her home town. She presents the history of Dubrovnik with a lot of information and personal stories. Her enthusiasm is catching and she will turn the whole tour into a wonderful experience.

Review By - Road45091953288

We found Katarina to be an excellent tour guide. She was very knowledgeable and took her own time in taking us to various scenic spots of Old Dubrovnic where Game of Thrones were shot. We learned a lot from this 2 hour tour and it gave us a lot of opportunities in taking good pictures. Good job, Katarina .

Milka Maria

Milka Maria is soon to be a historian too, born in Argentina of Croatian descent and a passionate storyteller of Dubrovnik chronicles. Her good mood and easy-going attitude really transforms an already good experience into an amazing one.

Review By - farmeroakgivesup

We were just lucky to have Milka for the first tour we took in the Old City. She is fun, full of information, and has an absolutely wonderful sense of humor. She mixes her personal experiences with all the history and politics of the city and country, and is mind bogglingly wonderful!! What we did was - right after we finished our tour we booked the next one!! One after another!! And were we happy to do so!! The whole complex history of this region came alive through her stories and personal tales. For the first time I understood the complexity of the history of this entire region!! We owe Milka much for understanding the wonder of the city and the country!!

Ivan Lujo

Ivan Lujo is extremely knowledgeable when it comes both to history & fiction. A historian who was also a member of the filming crew and clearly a fan of the show as well. Patient, funny & friendly - perfect companion for exploring Dubrovnik.

Review By - bgtourist

Visit Dubrovnik without having a local showing you around would be pity. Luckily we had the pleasure to meet Ivan Lujo, who showed us this beautiful historical city. Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Dubrovnik, he brought us through the many centuries of history of this fascinating town, making us aware of its majesty and uniqueness. I strongly recommend his services.


Bruno is a local , very passionate about his home city. Both knowledgeable and enthusiastic, Bruno will keep you entertained on a walk throughout the city. A bonus for the ladies - he is super cute and fit!

Review By - Derek A

As a very keen Game of Thrones fan this was always going to be on my do list. We had a very knowledgeable tour guide,Bruno. He had a very good demeanor and answered all questions not only specific to the tour but also about Dubrovnik and Croatia too. Was great to be able to see locations from the series, where characters stood or got thrown off walls or walking the steps of shame!! Simply put, if you enjoy GoT this is required. If you never heard of GoT, do it anyway, its a really interesting tour and you'll get fit too, there's a lot of walking!


Josip is our top rated guide on the Trip Advisor. His knowledge and storytelling is both educational and entertaining while his enthusiasm and great sense of humour are not to be missed.

Review By - John D

I took two tours with this company: a 2-hour Game of Thrones tour and an hour historical tour. The GOT tour was led by Josip and he was what you hope for in a guide: informative, friendly, energetic, and organized. I got a lot of photos and good stories to go with them. The historical tour was also time well spent. It really filled out my understanding of the Republic of Ragusa. We can still learn from some of the precedents set by the Ragusan city-state. One thing struck me about both guides: their pride and love for the city and their care that their actions (such as how they conducted the tour) should blend in with and contribute to the continued life of the old city.